Solar-powered cabins and holiday homes

Sustainable and energy efficient solutions for bungalow parks. The combination of solar panels and smart devices provide self-sufficient accommodations for visitors and cabin owners.

Why choose sustainable green solutions?

  • Lower energy prices
  • Completely free of gas
  • Energy-neutral or energy positive
  • Sustainable
  • Break-even within 3 to 6 years
  • Positive image for your holiday park
  • 10 years warranty on all components

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An investment that pays off

Our global emissions must be reduced. Together we create a more sustainable world. Green energy offers more than just benefits for the environment. It is an investment that saves quite some money. Solar powered systems decrease the yearly costs of the energy bill. The energy consumption of every bungalow will go down by several hundreds of euros a year. Imagine the cost savings for a whole holiday park.

kWh annually saved on energy per accommodation


saving on energy usage per bungalow

euro saved on the energy bill

What we offer

A smart total package

A complete system

The different components of our total package are all interconnected. Every device is linked and paired with a central software system. This system is to be used for maintenance and monitoring. It will allow you to manage and control all the components. We work with products from the best manufacturers in the market, some of which are LG and Huawei.

Solar panels

Every holiday home or bungalow will be provided with at least 8 solar panels. These panels will provide green and sustainable energy. Every solar panel has a high energy production rate with at least 400 Wp per panel.

Solar inverter and battery package

Green energy needs to be converted to usable electricity. The inverter is the main switch between solar panels and smart devices. It is also possible to store sustainable energy for future usage. With the battery package you are ensured of secure storage. This is both sustainable and efficient.


A product of LG enabling holiday homes to be cooled and warmed. Controllable from a distance and on time. This gives you the chance to let your guests arrive in their home with the preferred temperature. The air conditioner of LG saves up to 50% on energy costs compared to a B-class air conditioning system.

Heat pump boiler

Save up to 72% on energy with the technology of LG. This sustainable boiler can store at least 200 liters of water and heats up faster than a traditional boiler.

Induction stove

Gas is no longer needed with an induction cooker. The plate is glass-ceramic, making cleaning after cooking just a couple of seconds of work.

Our total package

Which products do we use?

Solar panels

Every cabin will be installed with 8 to 14 solar panels, depending on the size of the accommodation. The panels have a high energy production rate with at least 400 Wp.

Solar inverter

Huawei inverters are controllable from a distance and contain fire safety measures.

Battery package

Huawei batteries could save and store produced energy for later use. These batteries have enough capacity to store between 5 and 30 kWh.

Air conditioning

Equipment to be placed partly inside, partly outside. Both are making relatively low noise and are remotely controllable. LG air conditioning contains both A+ and A++ labels.

Heat pump boiler

With hardly any noise, guests will not even notice the boiler while warming up in the background. This LG product is also remotely controllable and manageable.

Induction stove

Cooking meals on a four burner plate. Sustainable with minimal usage of energy.

Especially designed for holiday homes

The market is changing. Traditional energy is rising in costs. Consumers are demanding cheaper alternatives, preferably without further damaging the planet. This provides holiday parks with opportunities.

The current power net is close to being overloaded. Self sufficient bungalows are a favorable alternative. Holiday homes that produce their own energy. A holiday without an ecological footprint. This is exactly what consumers in the future market will demand. Holiday parks that could offer this could potentially become the market leaders in a new upcoming economy.

GreenConnect accommodations

Traditional accommodations

The process

Our approach

1. Inventory check up

The first step consists of a visit to your holiday park. We will view and inspect your bungalows so we can decide which systems and products are best to offer. Think of the products and equipment of our total package, the number of solar panels per accommodation, the boiler, the air conditioning system, or a CV boiler system.

2. Proposal

Based on our inventory, we will offer you a personal proposal. This is specifically based on the bungalows and completely without charge.

3. Installation

Once you have accepted our proposal, our technical team will provide all the accommodations with the relevant systems and equipment. We ensure a complete operational installation and provide you with all the necessary instructions and information.

Ready for sustainable innovation?

Holiday parks powered by green energy are part of an upcoming market. We are headed towards a new era. One in which a holiday could be without an ecological footprint. Holiday parks could be the frontrunners in this new market. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environment and possible alternatives. Also when it comes to short holidays. Green and sustainable energy in your holiday park is not just a matter of saving money and energy. It also contributes to your sustainable image.


What if we could provide holiday parks with green energy? That is the question that started it all. Green Connect is the newest brand of Hertzinger. Over the past thirty years we have provided holiday parks all over Europe with TV- and internet technology. Nowadays the market demands change. Our Co2 emission needs to be reduced rapidly. Gas prices are expensive and the power net is under pressure. Green and sustainable energy is both the solution and the future. All over Europe there are households that are being equipped with solar panels. Holiday parks also benefit from sustainable solutions as such. Those that choose sustainability are thinking a few steps ahead.

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